Daniel Greaves

Animation Director of Short Films & Commercials

Daniel Greaves award winning Animator and Director of short films and commercials.

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Copycats 'Dog'

'Dog' is the first of a series of short observational films on the theme of animals impersonating other animals . After completing Dog, I soon realised the potential in developing other scenarios with other creatures. What interests me is the effect of the viewer watching a familiar looking animal while simultaneously thinking of another.

'Copycats' consists of 10 films featuring different animals. I am seeking funding for this project and hope to complete sometime in 2018. © Daniel Greaves.

This is the Christmas edit.

The Woodsmen Project

Three short films using existing time-lapse and slo-mo footage overlaid with rough animated stick figures. These tests are demonstrations to prove the concept of tiny figures that secretly inhabit the world of plants and vegetation, seemingly controlling the cycle of life. Ultimately, these characters will be coloured and composited with the live-action footage.


Leaf Surfer

Banana Attack