Daniel Greaves

Animation Director of Short Films & Commercials

Daniel Greaves award winning Animator and Director of short films and commercials.


( 1997). 29 minutes 37 seconds. Bafta nominee. Winner of over 30 international awards including the Mclaren Award for Best Animation

Matt Phlatt, along with his pet cat Geoff and his fish, Chips live in a world where everyone is flat in a 3D world of paper and cardboard. A freak electrical accident releases a thief from his TV film into Matt's world and causes chaos as Matt is mistaken for the criminal after a bank robbery.

The film was shot using a combination of cardboard cut-outs and traditional cel animation. 

The characters were traditionally animated on paper to check fluidity of movement. Each drawing was then photocopied, glued on to card, coloured and carefully cut out. Each cut out image was weighted at its base so it would stand upright, and positioned in the cardboard sets and filmed.

Flat world used approximately 40,000 individual cardboard cut-outs. 


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