Daniel Greaves

Animation Director of Short Films & Commercials

Daniel Greaves award winning Animator and Director of short films and commercials.

Daniel Greaves is a director and animator. His enthusiasm and curiosity has enabled him to explore and experiment in a variety of contrasting animation techniques.

With many years of experience including running his own production company, Tandem Films, from June 1986 - 2014 as Co-founder and Creative Director, he has won around 100 international awards for short films and commercials. These include an Oscar, 2 Bafta nominations and the European Cartoon D'Or. 

Advertising key campaigns under Tandem includes Ribena, Marmite, British Airways, Expedia.co.uk, Tesco and Schweppes. 

2008-2015. Daniel Greaves was 1 of 4 Directors of Simon's Cat Ltd along with Simon Tofield who is also the Creator.

While being innovative, the films are always accessible, incorporating humour and original characterization. He continues to develop short film projects as well as directing commercials.